will reach 10 billion dollars within the next decade. But the relationship is not just about trade. According to Han, nearly 10,000 agric

ultural officials, technicians, farmers and students from African countries receive training in China each year. Thomas Gbokie Jr. was one of them. He stepped down as Liberia's deputy minister of agriculture to enter a Ph.D. program at China's Nanjing Agricultural University. Impressed by China's advanced coffee planting and processing technologies during a one-month training program in 2015, he is now research

iation. Als
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o said his country is currently promoting agricultural

Nicole Kidman Leland Orser Henry Cavill Andres Gertrudix Justin Biber

cooperation with China on irrigation, organic fertilizer and mechanization. "There are many

Nicole Kidman 1st Forum

areas of agriculture where China can cooperate with Congo, such as promoting the use of machines on harvesting and processing agricultural products," Djombo said. At

Leland Orser on China

present, scientific and technological progress contributes 58.3 percent of China's gross agricultural output value, and t

Henry Cavill -Africa

he mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvesting has exceeded 80 percent, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Han said China will

Andres Gertrudix Cooperat

speed up exchanges and cooperation with Africa on the selection and breeding of superior strains, livestock improvement as well as prevention and control of dis

Justin Biber ion in Agr
iculture, which

eases and pests. The country has launched cooperation programs with ag

ricultural research institutes in 12 African nations and built agricultural technology demonstration centers in 19 countries. One such example is Hainan-based CATAS, China's only


  • concluded Tuesday in the city of Sanya, south China's Hainan Province. The two-day event brought
  • together 500 representatives from institutions of higher education and research, en
  • terprises from home and abroad, as well as international organizations. African learners visit
  • a cassava germplasm resource base at the Danzhou branch of the Chinese Academy of Tropical
  • Agricultural Sciences (CATAS) in Danzhou City, south China's Hainan Province, Sept. 11, 2018.


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